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Travelogue to Turkey- Part VII- Hot air balloon, Cappadocia

D6- 26th March, 2015
I woke up early this morning. Prepared myself for Subuh prayer and dressed appropriately with few layers of clothes to cover my skinny body so that it won't get too cold out there. Yup...of course not to forget, pray for my safety. If anything happened, Ida said she booked my jacket... Hahaha...😂. It all came to my mind when I thought about the warning that Ida told me earlier back in Malaysia, where there were 2 people died due to two hot balloon collided here in Cappadocia in December, 2014. Yaa... Quite recent incident right. So I prayed to Allah to make my journey safe and definitely in His hand my soul belong.
I went down to hotel lobby excitedly. Ready for another adventure I was about to experience...once in a life time experience. A lot of people from different nationalities already waited in the lobby. I spotted my group in the middle of the rest. Only 5 of us will go for the hot balloon ride today. We waited for the rest to come down and for Hjh Shali…

Suara Rakyat

Bagaimana mahu bersumpah setia Bila hati sering saja terluka Bagaimana mahu menyemai rasa cinta Bila kasih sering di balas tuba Bagaimana mahu berbudi bahasa Bila menegur rakyat pula di dera Bagaimana mahu bersuara membina Bila bicara di humban ke penjara
Lalu kami harus bagaimana Berdosa kah bila kami tidak lagi setia Bila kami tidak lagi percaya Salah kah bila tiada lagi rasa cinta Kerana kami sering sahaja terkena Salah kah bila kami memekalan telinga Kerana enggan lagi diperdaya Bukan sengaja membisu tanpa suara Tapi kami sudah muak dengan sikap bermuka muka
Wahai penguasa Kami bukan hamba Jangan fikir  kami mudah diperdaya Kami bukan buta huruf yang  tidak tahu membaca Maka sewenang nya engkau berdusta Menipu dengan dongengan kelas ketiga Benar kami hanya lah rakyat Namun kami juga punya pendapat Tanpa kami engkau tiada tempat Kami lah yang memberi mu mandat
Kenapa takut dengan kritikan rakyat Hingga mereka segala macam muslihat  Kenapa tangan kami mahu diikat  Mulut kami cuba di sumbat Tapi kini rakyat celik …

Travelogue to Turkey- Part VI-Konya - Mevlana museum and Sultanhani Caravanserai

D5- 25th March 2015
From the Selimiye mosque, we walked in a group to the Mevalana Museum. It was the mausoleum of Jalaluddiin Al-Rumi, a Persian Sufi also known as Mevlana or Maulana in our language or Rumi (another title given to him). It was also the dervish lodge of the Mevlevi order, better known as the whirling dervishes.

As mentioned before, Finar did talk a lot about Mevlana Jalaluddiin Al-Rumi in the bus, before we reached Konya. I took some notes but might missed out a lot. So before went back to Malaysia, I had an opportunity to grab a book on this man in one of the bookstore. It was just about 260 pages, which I'd almost completed reading it. Frankly speaking, I was not fond of this man, but just out of curiosity I read about him to know why a lot of people adored him so much and followed his footsteps.

Who's Jalaluddiin Al-Rumi? His real name was Muhammad Jalal Al-Din. He was named as Hudawandigar, Mevlana/ Mawlana and A-Rumi. His father named him "Hudawandig…

Travelogue to Turkey - Part V- Journey to Konya

It has been sometimes, since I last post my travelogue. It's not that I've stopped writing. I stop temporary because busy with my hospital duty. Then, I start writing back until I nearly complete my part V. But unfortunately something happen, I accidentally deleted the whole thing which I have written including the latest write up as well as some of the notes I've written when listening to explanation by my tour guide in Turkey. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji'un. Everything has gone in a split second and I can't retrieve it and there's no back up for my last part. Alhamdulillah...At least the previous part I have entered it in my blog. So here I am again, try to build up my energy and start writing. Basically what I am going to write is just based on my memory and some of the photos I have taken during my journey as well as some input from the wasapp group which I still keep it. So wish me luck this time. _________________________________________________________…

Travelogue to Turkey- Part IV- Pamukalle

24/3/ 2015- Continue 3rd day  
We left Ephasus with memories kept in our photos and continued our journey to Pamukalle.  It took us 3 1/4 hours to reach Pamukalle. We had our lunch and solat Jama' Takdim on the way. From there we dropped by at a Turkish delight shop. It was fascinating... A shop with all kinds of Turkish delight with variety of flavours. Before buying, we had to listen to the information about the varities of Turkish delight they have here. We were impressed when the lady started speaking in Malay. This proved how frequent Malaysian or Indonesian came to visit Turkey...until some of them learned to speak our language for them to make a sale and be able to communicate well with the customer especially from Malaysia. So we too should be proud of our Bahasa Malaysia. We were served with pomegranate tea and at the same time tasted some of the samples of Turkish delight while listening to her explanation. Turkish delight came with different flavours ie: pistachio, hazel…