Had a chance to go around Sydney yesterday. Snapped some pictures at opera house and sydney bridge. Important landmark to make sure people know I'm really in Sydney. It's beutiful and I admirer the work of the architect who built it, a brilliant art.

Today, I have attended a private class on basic ultrasound usage especially concern rheumatology field. Unusual thing to do on Sunday in Sydney. However, I find it quite useful tips. Interesting but has to go back to basic physic. Dr Joshua was great in explaining, make things simpler than I thought (at least the physic part). I think there's a good future if I pursue and learn more on this field. Will consider this as my future specialty field in rheumatology. It's been great to do something that not many experts in this field yet in Malaysia. I hope I'll get the grasp of getting an experience in this....

I had a walk to Coogee beach in the afternoon. It is just within walking distance from my place. Full of people on the beach. The scenery was nice.


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