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Back to work

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last writing here.I'm being less active in writing in my blog after coming back to Malaysia, may be bussier now than when I was in Sydney.

I have given lecture on SLE in pregnancy for the 6th Pahang Medical Update last week and day to day work is just like before. Of course I feel more comfortable being in control rather than being as an observer. Here I have played active role and all the decision is made by me. I have started rheumatology journal club even only Hilmi and I have to alternate doing this...but I think it will be a good start. At least to keep myself busy and teach my specialist who has interest in doing rheumatology. I believe teaching others will make my work later much easier and make my knowledge grow.

I have started grumbling again to MOs as before...working with a group of majority Malay MOs here in HTAA is more difficult compared to work with a group of combination of other races. I used to work before with chinesse…

I am home

Return back from sydney yesterday. My flight (MH122)supposed to be departed at 3.40pm. However, due to unavoidable circumstances it was delayed for 4 hours. All the passengers had already boarded the aircraft and infact it was already started moving, however it stopped just few meters from where it was started and made a turn back. The pilot informed us there is a minor problem in the engine system which need to be checked by the engineer first before we proceed.

We were in the aircraft for 2 hours and had received several times refreshment, but the problem was not settle. Luckily I've in business class...not that bad. We have to disembark after 2 hours and hanged around at the terminal. Announcement made about an hour later, informed us everything ok. At the end, it departed at approximately 8.00pm. I've informed Abg Mi on this and I'll reach about 1am+.

I had a smooth journey anyway and I've enjoyed the food including's quite sometime I've not got mal…

Today is the last day in Prince of Wales Hospital

I have finished my short course ultrasound today. I've submitted the feedback letter and going to pack back soon. Still got 2 days to go and tomorrow may be to do last minute shopping (I've not bought anything yet so far)

Feel good in a way..I've got a congratulation letter from Fred stated that I've completed my Basic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course and entitle to consider joining advanced standing in Australian Rheumatology Association/ Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine: Foundations section of the Certificate in Clinician Performed Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. That's great..I can skip the basic part if I would like to join.

Anyway, I don't know yet how supportive it is from the Ministry of Health. Thinking about that, I'll come back to reality next week and I've line of patients waiting. I've opened Rheumatology clinic as soon as I come back. On top of that I've a lecture to be given next Saturday...everything ready. Not bad, sinc…
Browsing some of youtube on Yusuf Islam today. Touch by his song and his journey of change to good muslim.

Backpacker Safari tour from Sydney to Melbourne

4th November, 2008

My trip started here. I thought I’d prepared everything for tomorrow departure. I knew I had not got my insurance yet, in case anything happens…nauzubillah. I looked back at the itinerary posted to me earlier. Luckily I realized, it was going to be one way trip. So I had to get myself a place to stay once I reached Melbourne and to get a way back to Sydney. I googled for the affordable place to stay and booked a cheap air ticket back to Sydney. I had decided to stay in Melbourne for 2 nights…that would give me time to go around Melbourne at least for a day. The cheapest place to stay or air ticket here definitely is much more expensive than what’s the price offered in Malaysia. Don’t think you will get Air Asia price..don’t dream about it. So Malaysian, don’t complain so much…everything here I had to pay almost more than double than what I can get in Malaysia.

Thanks to this technology, I could still made an arrangement at last minute, provided my credit card was no…

Darling Harbour and Sydney Wildlife

Sunday comes again today. I have to plan for something, or else I'll be bored the whole day. Looking back at local Sydney map and the bus route in which I need to take. It has been my habit now,to read map. This time I will take a tour to Darling Harbour and explore what I'll find there. Few interesting places I should go there...Sydney wildlife and acquarium. Seems to be both are situated next to each other.

I took bus 372 and stopped at the Railway Square...I guess this would be the nearest stop for me to get to Darling Harbour. From there I just walk, follow my instinct...I'm good at that. Not bad, I reach the Paddy Market and China Town and not far from there I found the way to Darling Harbour.

Today is a little bit cloudy in Sydney. I prefer this weather anyway since I won't easily get tired.
Sydney Wildlife and aquarium situated at the end of Darling Harbour. I have bought the combo ticket for both tours and it can be use up to 3 month.

Quite a number of creature…
What else should I write this time....

Work...nothing much bothering me since I have all my time observing and may help by giving some opinion (don't know whether it is useful or not). Feels like coming back to medical student days. Sometime I miss the role of being incharge rather than just observe other people practice. Don't worry, it will be over in a few weeks and I'm on my toes again to start my real life back. At that time may be I'll regret not to take this opportunity to appreciate this wonderful time. Thinking back... I don't even start my lecture presentation for this up coming "East coast medical update in pregnancy". I have to prepare a topic on Lupus in pregnancy...just a week after the day I'm coming back. Ok..will do it later. Typical malay..last minute job and I have 3 more weeks to think about it.

This week I've learnt more...I feel more comfortable now (I think!!) in performing ultrasound. Spend my Monday and Teusday in Xray depar…