Quite cold here in Sydney for the past few days. It has been forecasted to be on and off shower for another couple of days. May be difficult for me, I can't tolerate cold that much especially with not much fat to protect me from cold. Anyway, it's always an experience I need to go through.

Since most of the Ultrasound practice need to be done in St George, means that I have to do a lot of travelling from Randwick to Kogarah. It is easy earlier since Dr Joshua kindly gave me a ride and show me the way there. But, of course I can't depend on him for every single trip. So, I have to learn to get a public transport to come here. On the first day it cost me AUD 37 for one way trip from Randwick to Kogarah. I can't afford that if I'm going to have frequent trips here...I'm going to be broke. I have decided to get a train and bus to travel. I need to catch a correct bus to central station and from there get a train to Kogarah. Have to study the bus and train system here.The train system gives me no problem (almost the same as else where, but much more reliable than Malaysian train...have to comment on the bad public transport back in Malaysia), but I find difficulty in catching the correct bus and at the end I've to hop from one bus to another and was instructed to wait at the bus stand across. Gave me a good lesson and after 2-3 trips, I'm already an expert.

I have started my attachment in radiology department St George Hospital. Quite boring I would say, however it is still useful. Learnt some new things which I've never learned before while doing medicine. Learning about machine and how it helps in our daily management. I always thought it is not that important to know all these machine stuffs and leave it to the sonographer and radiologist to interpret every single thing about image...how wrong I am if I still think that way. Medicine has evolved so much and if you are not catch up with the new learning skill you are bound to left behind. Same thing here, I need to involve in new things and start learning, learning and learning even though it comes back to a basic medicine again.

Here in St George Hospital, most of the ultrasounds are done by sonographers rather than radiologist. The radiologist will confirm if neccessary or if any procedure or intervention need to be done. Quite slow progress noted on the second day there, since there was a change in management in the department. Better not get involve, since anyway I'm just an observer here. Overall the staff here are nice and very helpful. I was given a chance to have hands-on experience in performing ultrasound if there are msk cases. Thanks to Michael and Rohan.


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