I have a busy and productive weekend.

Let's see what I've done on Saturday...It's a free day for me. So I've decided to go somewhere around Sydney. Something affordable for me. I've never wondering around or going for a trip alone back there in Malaysia. This experience only I can do it here. Relatively safe and nobody looking at you and think that you're wired. Everybody is thinking about themselve rather than think about you. It's a free world after all...and you can do whatever you want to do.

I went to Circular Quay again today...looking for any opportunity to follow any trip or cruise and I've decided to go for "Whale watching cruise". Something interesting, but of course I don't quite like sailing that much. It will make me nauseated and I'm prone to get seasick. But at the end I go for it and give a try. While waiting for my trip, I just walk around and infact now I realized that I don't have to take a bus to go to Sydney Opera, it is within a walking distance. It is quite nice, everywhere you go in Sydney, there is surely apark for you to relax youself and have a picnic if you want to. I walked around the Rock street and enter the museum of contemporary art. Nothing much I would say here, unless you really appreciate the art shown.

Cruise for whale watching, sound interesting. I was excited earlier, but the oil smell and the waves start making me nauseated (definitely my maxalon did not work for me this time). It's quite a nice journey I would say. It took us about 45 minutes to reach the whales area. At last I can see whales. Such a fascinating creature, they will come in pair ...mother and baby whales. This is seems the breeding season for whales here. However, I can't snap a good picture since we can see them only from far. I would enjoyed my cruise for seal watching when I had a trip in Cape Town last May. May be, I had not have seasick at that time and the journey is shorter that this. That was awsome. May be I should post some pictures while I was in South Africa later. That was a good journey.Oh ya, I can see Dolphin as well here as they came near our ship. On the way back, I was already tired and heading straight back to Randwick with still having giddiness from seasick.

Sunday...as planned, I have joined Dr Joshua for another hands on ultrasound practice. We drove to Kogarah to radiology department in St George. I thouhgt I'm really stupid to forget all the important anatomy landmark for msk us and the reason why ultrasound will be beneficial in certain rheumatology diseases. How forgetful I was. Anyway, I'm still learning. I had a practice on normal msk ultrasound and basically he's the specimen used. It seems to be clear now for me what to look for when we requested for ultrasound. I just need to practise further and to improve skill. I knew that....


Interesting documentary. Enjoy your stay and take care ..

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