Back to work

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last writing here.I'm being less active in writing in my blog after coming back to Malaysia, may be bussier now than when I was in Sydney.

I have given lecture on SLE in pregnancy for the 6th Pahang Medical Update last week and day to day work is just like before. Of course I feel more comfortable being in control rather than being as an observer. Here I have played active role and all the decision is made by me. I have started rheumatology journal club even only Hilmi and I have to alternate doing this...but I think it will be a good start. At least to keep myself busy and teach my specialist who has interest in doing rheumatology. I believe teaching others will make my work later much easier and make my knowledge grow.

I have started grumbling again to MOs as before...working with a group of majority Malay MOs here in HTAA is more difficult compared to work with a group of combination of other races. I used to work before with chinesse group...and I found they are more motivated than malays and they work harder to become physician as early as possible. I guess malay has the gene of lazinees in which malay needs to break that chain. Here I have to put the idea and push them so that they will work harder. Personally I don't think malays are stupid, but we need somebody to push us and motivate from time to what Dr Mahathir once said "Melayu Mudah Lupa".So the way to make them do what you ask them to do is to keep on reminding them.I think may be the time of getting angry and shout to MO has gone, so I need to approach them with a better way so that it will be benefited to physician as well as to MOs.It will be challenging and I hope I can produce more malay physician under my care...That will be rewarding.

Since I just come back from my musculoskeletal ultrasound attachment, I have been given a task to give a talk during MSK US workshop in Selayang on 18 & 19 December. I take this as an opportunity for me to brush up again what I've learnt. Not to say that I'm good but I'll try my best to convince others that I'm really want to make this to be my area of interest. At least I'm quite convince that Fred knows I'm interested if I want to pursue further.


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