Today is the last day in Prince of Wales Hospital

I have finished my short course ultrasound today. I've submitted the feedback letter and going to pack back soon. Still got 2 days to go and tomorrow may be to do last minute shopping (I've not bought anything yet so far)

Feel good in a way..I've got a congratulation letter from Fred stated that I've completed my Basic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course and entitle to consider joining advanced standing in Australian Rheumatology Association/ Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine: Foundations section of the Certificate in Clinician Performed Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. That's great..I can skip the basic part if I would like to join.

Anyway, I don't know yet how supportive it is from the Ministry of Health. Thinking about that, I'll come back to reality next week and I've line of patients waiting. I've opened Rheumatology clinic as soon as I come back. On top of that I've a lecture to be given next Saturday...everything ready. Not bad, since I've already presented the same topic before and just need to alter here and there to suit for the general physician, medical officer and paramedic understanding. At the end, I don't know how many of them will really appreciate it.

Last Monday and Tuesday were the last 2 days in Radiology department,St George Hospital. I managed to do ultrasound on Morton's neuroma appear hypoechoic lesion in interdigital region and no significant vascularity noted. Of course the patient I've seen also showed other feature of synovitis as well from her Sjogren's. Interesting finding. I've written separately in my other blog. The other case I've done was a case of tenosynovitis due to trigger finger. Say goodbye to Michael and Rohan.

I've joined Fred for ultrasound session on Thursday morning using portable ultrasound. I found it's not that good using portable machine after all...a little bit difficult to operate it compared to the real machine. It's ok to detect normal joint, but may be difficult to interpret when it comes to pathology as well as not that great for power doppler. May be later, I will try to get the proper machine to my rheumatology clinic. As for the loan ultrasound..will do it first till get the proper one. In the evening we drove to kogarah for update on current ACR meeting. Quite good content delivered here, however it was not a convenient place to hld a meeting because it was so noisy from the other side of restaurant.

Ok...tomorrow will do what ever appropriate for me to do. Hope I'll find something to bring back.


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