Darling Harbour and Sydney Wildlife

Sunday comes again today. I have to plan for something, or else I'll be bored the whole day. Looking back at local Sydney map and the bus route in which I need to take. It has been my habit now,to read map. This time I will take a tour to Darling Harbour and explore what I'll find there. Few interesting places I should go there...Sydney wildlife and acquarium. Seems to be both are situated next to each other.

I took bus 372 and stopped at the Railway Square...I guess this would be the nearest stop for me to get to Darling Harbour. From there I just walk, follow my instinct...I'm good at that. Not bad, I reach the Paddy Market and China Town and not far from there I found the way to Darling Harbour.

Today is a little bit cloudy in Sydney. I prefer this weather anyway since I won't easily get tired.
Sydney Wildlife and aquarium situated at the end of Darling Harbour. I have bought the combo ticket for both tours and it can be use up to 3 month.

Quite a number of creatures range from ants, insects, reptiles and other animals are here. Of course not to forget about koala bear and kangaroo. All behind glass, except for some. Since I don't have anything better than this...it seems to be an exciting thing to do to fill up my time.
Koala bear being so cute...and most of them are asleep except for one..wake up and eating. That's what they do...18-22 hours sleeping time and when they wake up, they will eat. It is really makan dan tidur

Kangaroo here...most of them are old. Not much in action. I like better those kangaroo last time I saw in Gold Coast..

I will continue for my aquarium tour on later day. By midday, I have already hungry. But the chips and calamari is not what I really like. Atleast it is halal. How I wish to have some nasi now. That's remind me, I have to get nasi lemak once I reach Malaysia. It is so easy here, you can just stop anywhere and have your take away lunch. After lunch, I just walk across to the 3D theatre...it seems to be interesting. So I bought a ticket and joined for 3D movie on "Fly to the moon". Who says you can't enjoy yourself if you travel alone.


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